Do you know what is fun about getting ready for release day? Buying swag. Revved To The Maxx has some pretty awesome items coming in. 

When I started Maxx’s story, he was always a business owner. Once I had Nelson’s picture in my hands, as they say, the plot thickened. The idea of building a world around a fictional business got my PA’s creative juices flowing. She decided Reynold’s Restorations deserved a logo. Karen also insisted that RR has a ‘tagline’. After a bit of wine and giggles, my darling husband came up with “Hard as Steel-Guaranteed Performance”.

My PA and Promotions Manager is pulling out all the stops and gather up some wicked cool items for a book box giveaway for release celebration.  The acrylic pins from Sticker Mule are going to be part of the package. (Pardon the blurry pics – they don’t do them justice)

Follow me here and on social media to find how to enter on September 3rd. 

In the meantime, if you are looking for cool, branded merchandise, visit Sticker Mule. We’ve been loving our products from Sticker Mule and they just released 3 new tools, Trace​, Upscale​, & Redraw​ to help anyone create high quality, print-ready images. Check them out!

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