October was a fantastic month!

  • Release of The Amendment – final installment of Richard and Katy’s story
  • Thanksgiving (Canadians celebrate in October)
  • Shameless Book Con in Orlando Florida
  • Interview about my favorite couple!

Richard and Katy have been my most frequently asked about couple. I had a fantastic sit down with Naomi’s interview questions. Check out my responses HERE on manybooks.net !

What does November bring?

I was invited to a holiday anthology for December. As sometimes things go, the anthology wasn’t meant to be. However, I had a story I adored and was finished. I consulted with my editor and PA. With the green light,  I’ve been working on rounding out the story. Check back soon to see what is in store for your holiday reading.

I am off to Indies Invade Philly next weekend. I hope to see fans at my table. Don’t forget to ask me about this holiday project.

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