Here is the skinny on what titles are now available on Kindle Unlimited:

Into The Storm

Beneath The Scars

Over The Fence

It Started With a Kiss

I imagine you have some questions, so I’m going to attempt to answer some right here. If I missed anything, please make sure to ask in the comments.

Why Kindle Unlimited now?

I have learned once Karen gets an idea, she doesn’t let go. I talked this over with Matthew on the pros and cons of offering one or more of my titles. Armed with the knowledge of increased subscribers, FB groups dedicated to KU, etc. I decided to release four of my titles to KU.

Why these four titles?

The team felt like this offered the best sampling of my writing style amongst the subgenres in romance. Rather than giving subscribers just one and then having to wait for more, this gives readers the opportunity to binge like Netflix and chill – where you get the ‘chill’ part in the story.

How long?

I’m testing this out for one 90 day cycle to see how it goes. If it goes well, maybe extend the offering. But maybe not. Just know they won’t be there forever so if you are a KU subscriber, I’d recommend you read any before January 2018.

What about The Contract/The Baby Clause?

Because this series is offered internationally, it has different aspects in publishing to consider. Keeping this in mind, decision was to leave these titles available to all platforms. This doesn’t mean it won’t be contemplated in the distant future, just not for immediate consideration.

What about My Image of You?

Because this title is published via Loveswept, they have control over pricing, whether offered in paperback, and KU submission. This will be on Random House to make the call to place on Kindle Unlimited in the future.

I hope if you’ve read one of my books in the past and have been waiting to read more, this opportunity through Kindle Unlimited will benefit you.

Not a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber?

You can choose various plans to see how much you are able to read. I know Karen loves the diversity of titles. Check it out and see if it’s a good fit for your reading preferences.

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