Hello my friends – it’s been a while.
I have a little story to share. Most of you who know me, know I am a homebody. But a few weeks ago, I became Bilbo Baggins, and left the comfort of my home for a great adventure.
While gone, I visited London, Leeds, Whitby, Edinburgh, and a few other places.
I spent a lot of time in cabs, on trains, driving in coaches. All on the wrong side of the road.
I saw castles, and ruins. Lakes, lochs, and streams. Highlands and lowlands. Gazed in wonder at buildings that had stood for hundreds of years and walked cobblestone streets than gave way to modern concrete and structures made of steel and glass, awed at how old and new converged into one. Witnessed all four seasons in one day. Was caught in the worst snow storm England has seen in years. Saw swells on the sea so high, they broke over the seawall, hitting car I was driving in so hard it moved us across the road.
I spent a day being a wide-eyed child lost in the world of wizards and magic.
I met hundreds of readers, bloggers, and fellow authors. Spent hours in rooms with people who, like me, loved words, and losing themselves in a joy of a book. Signed my name so often I lost count. Smiled into the camera and hugged by so many people, it was overwhelming, yet totally awesome. Met with old friends, and made some new ones.
And then, like all adventures, it was over.
I packed my bags (still far too many) and took one long final plane trip back to Canada.
Tonight, as I am curled up on the sofa, a happy kitty close, I look around with a smile. Because, no matter what I see, how much I enjoy the experience, nothing beats this grand place where small adventures happen every day.
Now this little hobbit is off to bed, and will return to the land of reality tomorrow.
Good night all – sweet dreams!

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