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Romance novel blogs breathe life into the world of readers. We value the work of book lovers sharing their love of happily ever afters. Whichever medium is your preference – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Web blogs, or what is the next thing, Moreland Books is looking for enthusiastic influencers to join our promotions events.

As you read through this page, you will find it separated into two categories: Promotional Book Tours and Team Moreland-Promotion Calendar. 

Promotional Book Tours are scheduled for new releases. If your preference is for content by book, this section provides information on upcoming tours. 

Team Moreland -Promotional Calendar is a comprehensive calendar featuring new releases, cover reveals, sales, and more. The calendar is provided by our Airtable application with links to the content you are looking for. 

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Promotional Book Tours

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Team Moreland – Promotion Calendar

Are you a member of our influencer list?

Would you like to receive promotional graphics, ARCs, and content without signing up for each individually?  As part of Team Moreland, you receive information to share as it fits your schedule. Click on the “Join Here” button to complete an application for the team.

The calendar above is for upcoming promotional events. Click on each date calendar color for expanded information including content, graphics, and links. If you see “+1 more” or similar, click to see the additional ongoing promotions.

Calendar Color Key:
Yellow = Sale/Freebie content
Blue = Cover Reveal/Teaser content
Green = New Release content
Purple = Other Promo content

Click on “+(number) more” to see additional promotional content choices. Or Click on “View Larger Option” in the right-hand corner to open a new window.  Click on the down arrow beneath each graphic to download.

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