Here we are…my PA reminded me this is our last teaser before the new release romance novel day. For some of you, you’ve already read the 1st edition of The Image of You – thank you for reading. Some of you prefer paperback and now get your chance. Then there are those of you new to me who will get to read for the first time. For my KU readers, your day is coming on December 8th. However, you came to read my stories – I am forever grateful for each reader who chooses my novels from a sea of books to pick from.

I know that authors have dream checklists – One to have their books published by a publishing house (big or small). Also referred to as trad published, I, too, had that item on my checklist. I have a checkmark, and after that experience, it won’t be one I return to. I prefer to have complete control over every aspect of publishing. I have a large readership who desires the ease of KU, and I want to give them that option.

The moral of this post is: I am like Adam with my novels.

I may have a smile on my face, an easy laugh, and a warm hug when you need it. But when it comes to writing the story in my voice, with my direction, with my vision, I will go caveman.

Thank you for being here and hope you enjoy this new release novel, Melanie; xoxo

Available on KU 12/8
Wide readers Pre-order only:

Teaser From The Image of You

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    1. Hi! Yes, Melanie added about 25K more content to the original. Two particular scenes were expanded upon to give more depth to story – Especially at start of part 2. However the story itself did not change. Just more detail on character reactions.
      Hope that helps!

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