Social Media Influencers help Reveal
Top Secret Project

Social media influencers have readers abuzz. And it’s all because of a romance book I wrote this winter. I was struggling with the manuscripts I had planned, so I set them aside to allow the words to percolate. Meanwhile, my assistant was teasing me about how funny it would be if I wrote a character that was like…and maybe did…
Well, that information is still the Top Secret Part of the Project.

Image of photos scatter of puzzle pieces from social media influencers

I finished the book and turned it over to my team and said you are in charge of the marketing. They have been working diligently since January on cool ideas for fans to engage with up until release. The puzzle reveal is just one of them.

12 social media influencers joined and agreed to the task. They are on various social media platforms sharing their puzzle taking shape. And let me tell you–they are creative! They have done cool moving videos, stunning pictures, and all to help with building curiosity.

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