You read that correctly. New series. Wow! It is scary and exciting at the same time. For those of you well aquatinted with my novels, I write standalones. Always have. In those stories once the main characters have spoken that seems be ‘The End’ for what they need to tell me. The only exception was The Baby Clause. The peek into the main characters future came from conversations with readers thinking about Richard and how he would handle a baby.  As the book I am currently editing started forming, the secondary characters seem to have a lot to say.

Bentley’s story was outlined, rough drafted and early chapters were created with the intention of another standalone. Aiden and Maddox always existed and were part of his back story. When the chapters went out to my early readers, questions filtered back about these ‘secondary’ characters which I answered in great detail. One particular early reader was tenacious. Her words of encouragement was there is an audience for their stories.

Could I take on the task of writing  stories that were interconnected? 

Would my readers be interested? 

Yes, I am a natural worrier and think about these things. After lots of talking and thinking and talking and thinking some more, I decided to take the plunge. I am writing a series. *gulp*  Now it’s time to share a bit about what is coming in 2018. I hope you are as excited to meet the three men of Vested Interest as I am excited (and nervous) to share with you.

We’ve created a short sneak peek trailer on YouTube, Bentley is available to add to your TBR here.  More coming soon to share.

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  1. I found that “Aiden” is available on for a Kindle purchase. When will it be available in paperback?

    1. Hi! The book needs to go to formatters first. The paperback has different format for the start of each chapter than in e-book. Okay so the next question is when’s that? Well, we are going through the first round of edits, then second round…then third round…then formatters. It will definitely be made available no later than release day. Hopefully before. I don’t want to jinx it. We had issues with the wrong version for Bentley. So lots of triple and quadruple checking this time. Check closer to release date (5/7) for the paperback to be order. Hope this long winded response helps!

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