Good Morning London, and Soon it will be, Hello Leeds

I survived. I will admit I was nervous and to be honest quite a bit overwhelmed.  This is the largest romance author signing event I have attended where I was a signing author. Being asked was an honor in itself. But, executing the task is always another thing as I am a natural introvert.

Then much to the horror of my little shy being, my PA booked me to do the Pre-Registration party! I had no idea what was coming as the room would be filled with authors with much larger fan base. However, I will admit (don’t tell Karen) that the Pre-party helped with some of the nerves. Everyone who stopped by was warm and welcoming. It was an excellent start to prepare my nerves.

Okay – strike that – I still had nerves. HUGE NERVES!

My PA and wonderful husband were there to help me set up and get the show on the road with plenty of time to spare. Having my Matthew there is always a blessing as he makes sure my every need is looked after.  Once set up was done, time for nerves to come back.  When the fans started filtering in, the fun began with lots of pictures and hugs.

Side note As an author you get so wrapped up in the event, you don’t get the chance to meet new people. As always, Toni Aleo and her side kick Lisa were a HOOT to go to Harry Potter tour with. But I do need to give a shout out to the new authors I got to meet for the first time:

Mariana Zapata, Mom Zapata, and Kate Skerritt – Thank you for your lively conversation at dinner Thursday.

Elle Aycart, Cara Dee, and Julia Kent – A chance to a face to a name before the event started and thank you for your support in this crazy publishing journey.

Readers – please click on the links and check out all these authors books.

Okay, so now off to see a movie this afternoon then on my way to Leeds. London, you were a blast but looking forward to seeing my author friends, Carrie Elks, ES Carter and Eva LeNoir very soon.

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