Social Media Influencers Creating a Stir
with a New Game on Social Media

Social media influencers are creating buzz again for my next release in the My Favorite series. This is a new standalone romance book with new characters you have not yet met! I have the book scheduled for release on September 17, 2024, in ebook, audiobook, and paperback formats. They put their heads together to create a new

Previously, our influencer built a puzzle for readers to follow as each trope was revealed. The Top Secret Project team put their creative hats on to design a game and be able to interact with readers.

The team is gearing up, AND we want to share our excitement with readers!

Game Rules:

  • Each Wednesday by 9 am Eastern Time Zone, Game Pieces will be posted by our 12 content creators on social media (see links below). 
  • Comment on the post to give them some social proof 💕
  • Enter your guess on the Google form (see button below) by noon Eastern Time Zone on each Saturday. 
  • Winner(s) will be selected Saturday after that week’s game piece form is closed for entries. All form entries – whether correct or not- are eligible for the randomized drawing.
  • Check on Sunday by 10 am Eastern Time Zone on Melanie Moreland’s social media: Instagram/Threads HERE and Facebook HERE

The 12 social media influencers are ready to play. They are on various social media platforms sharing the weekly game piece. And let me tell you–they are creative! Their bookstagrammer accounts are stunning. While visiting, please pay careful attention to their posts to be sure not to miss a clue.

Give these influencers a follow so that you can participate in the fun ➡️

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