Amazing Bucket List Event – DONE

I am the good type of exhausted right now as I type. Book Bonanza signing is an incredible event run by an amazing group of volunteers and staff.

The Best News from Book Bonanza Signing is

Book Bonanza raised $250,000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Reach Out and Read, and Kulture City!

Connecting with readers, fellow authors, narrators, and publishing cohorts fills the well of joy that I miss in this solitary career. I am sharing the photos and experiences with you.

Book Bonanza pictures with friends and authors.

Who is this Voice?

At the author meet and greet, a woman walked up to me and said, “Before it gets busy, I’d like to get a picture.” I recognized this voice! The voice belongs to Maxine Mitchell, the female narrator of over 26 audiobooks. Maxine is as warm and delightful as you can imagine.

Book Bonanza event pictures

The picture above contains an image of me hugging Flavia Viotti, my agent from Bookcase Literary Agency. We have been together since 2014. I inked the deal during our meeting with Waterhouse Press. A dream come true. You can read more HERE.

Book Bonanza author dinner pictures and meeting unicorn Lin

The Most Talked About Panel

We need to discuss the images below. First, seeing your name on a bag of major sponsors is surreal. I admire so many industry leaders, and my name is included.

Next is the Laugh Out Loud romcom panel. I participated in panels prior to Book Bonanza. This is an intimidating group of romantic comedic titans. Learning THE Lucy Score is as nervous as you made me feel (a tiny bit) better. Undoubtedly, Kim Jones is an incredible quick wit bantered with Trilina Pucci, and Kristen Ashley sharing using comedy in growing up. While the most talked about on the panel was not the content we shared but Sara Ney’s proposal. The only image captured by my assistant as she was surprised by the crowd was: Trilina grabbing my leg, and Lucy resting her head on my shoulder and squeezing my arm. I was a sandwich of emotion. Obviously with Sara Ney in disbelief telling him to ‘sit down sir’, the three of us yelled back ‘You write this stuff’. LOL

It was the perfect proposal for everyone who loves a HEA and not a dry eye in the room.

Book Bonanza swag bag and romcom panel images with Lucy Score, Trilina Pucci, Sara Ney, Kristen Ashley and Kim Jones

There are leftover Book Bonanza Collectors Cards. Click on the button above to request one mailed to you. First come, first serve basis.

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