New Vinyl Stickers Have Fans Buzzing about

Content Creators have been sharing their book mail with custom stickers. The readers are abuzz. Our team has been ecstatic with the response to excitement over our branded vinyl stickers and other swag for My Favorite Kidnapper. Check out this TikTok video that had us grinning from ear to ear!

Image of swag items including key chains stickers, coaster and bubble mailer

After curating our influencer release boxes, we knew the theme needed to extend to our release giveaways. Sticker Mule to the rescue! Besides custom stickers, we are all about practical swag. Our designer gave options for keychains and coasters. A cover as cute as My Favorite Kidnapper needed a very special bubble mailer. With Sticker Mule double-sided mailers, our winners knew we wanted them to share in the experience.

Special Custom Stickers for A Special Group

Let’s not forget my favorite place on the internet – Melanie’s Minions – my Facebook reader group. Once again, our designer rose to the challenge of including custom stickers in our reader group giveaways. The vinyl stickers allow to adhere to water bottles where paper stickers would be ‘sad panda’ results.

Vinyl Stickers for our Preorder Incentives

Indies Invade Philly Romance Book Signing is hands down one of my favorites. Each year, we bring new custom stickers for fans to collect, along with bookmarks and other fun items. I asked my team for an idea for our preorder thank-you gift. Candle melts that were on theme with My Favorite Kidnapper. Our quirky sense of humor extends to the custom stickers for pouches. Didn’t they turn out cute?

stickers with the words smells like a kidnapper, smells like his obsession, on bag with wax melts

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