I fooled my technical guru today. I DO have a website. Okay not really a website but a WordPress blog. Didn’t even remember I had it.  But that’s alright. We’ve got to start somewhere.

This scares me. Like really, Really, REALLY scares me. My lovely Karen keeps telling me, “It’ll be okay.”  I want to trust her. But there is this huge part of me that is still very awkward, and very scared outside of my small circle.

I feel like that little fish. I keep trying to swim in the big waters with the bigger fish. However, we never get over those feelings of insecurity. That the bigger fish are going to eat me. Or worse. Laugh at my attempts.

But, I’ve done a big thing recently. I’ve published The Contract internationally. That means my words – the ones that I poured out onto pages – are being read everywhere. And I am reminded that people may want to know what I have done, what I’m currently doing, how to purchase my books…. EEEKKKKK!!

This is so overwhelming.

So we are going to start here.

We will see how this goes.

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