I do not share about my translated books very much. I felt these three deserved a post today. About these covers and proof of word of mouth. 

A reader who is Hebrew as first language won an ARC of Revved To The Maxx (in English). Long story short: She is one of Maxx and Charly’s ardent fans. 

I do not have much say in which foreign publishers will offer a contract. My agents work tirelessly but again it’s up to the publisher to say yes. 

This reader commented and posted every appropriate opportunity she had. She helped keep Revved To The Maxx in the line of sight of Venus. 

If you ever wonder if your words matter when someone asks for a book recommendation know that they indeed do. 

When the duel cover/blurb announcement for Breaking the Speed Limit and Shifting Gears was made, Venus, without a manuscript was making an offer for the Reynolds Restoration series.

The reader’s recommendations are powerful, and unsung heroes of our writer’s journey. 

Thank you to EVERYONE who has commented on social media “Have you read XYZ by Melanie Moreland?”, shared a post from my page, or made a post of your own.  I wouldn’t be writing you more stories without your outpouring of love.

Forever grateful, 

xoxo Melanie

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