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An Unexpected Chance

Simon Fletcher is a busy single dad. Between bringing up his daughter and moving cross-country to start a new life, he’s focused on making a fresh start for them.

Amy McNeil isn’t in his plans.

But the pretty, wild, and free woman who has caught his eye is so different from his cold, removed ex-wife, he can’t help himself. He’s drawn to her. Her warmth. Her light.

When he discovers she is everything he wants, everything he needs—and more—how will he handle this unexpected second chance at love?

Is he ready to grab happiness and run with it?

Or will he simply run away?


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Novella

Tropes: Love at first sight, Small Town, Single Dad, Starting Over

Cover Design: 

Karen Hulseman of Feed Your Dreams Designs

Format: EBook
Publisher Info: Moreland Books Inc.
Publication Date: March 1, 2022

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Melanie Moreland