What an amazing day!

Designing covers can be time consuming for both the author and the designer. I have a vision in my head and sometimes it’s hard to translate. But thank goodness for the talent of Melissa Ringuette, Monark Design Services.

She knew the look of each individual character and found my perfect muses. The easy part was in the selection of the Toronto skyline. This is central to the story, and the nighttime picture was a perfect backdrop. But it was the title lettering that took some time. I wanted messy yet manly, and gritty. Once she had come up with this proof, my team and I knew it was the one.

Now, getting the covers out and people excited is a lot of work and dedication of my PR team, bloggers, readers and friends. When Joyce at HEA/USA Today said “Yes” to the cover reveal, I was honored, overwhelmed and anxious.  I love the covers. My PA and publicist love the covers. But will everyone else? It appears as the sharing continues that the answer is yes.

Thank you to HEA/USA Today and everyone who shared the series cover reveal. I am forever grateful for your support to write the stories I love, and share them with you.

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