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  • The Amendment – Book 3


    Richard VanRyan has it all.

    A loving wife, a beautiful family, great friends, and a career he excels at.

    He’s riding high on the crest of life.

    What happens when the ride stops?

    When the unthinkable becomes reality and life may never again be the same?

    The Contract has changed.

    Can Richard and Katy overcome The Amendment?

  • The Commander – Book 3


    My instincts had always served me well.

    Listening to my gut, the warning voice in my head that told me when to walk away.

    I never failed to heed the signs.

    Until the day she walked into my office.

    I knew she would be trouble, but I ignored the alarm bells.

    And then it was too late, and I fell. Hard.

    A lie tore us apart, and I thought I’d lost her forever.

    But now she’s back—with a secret she’s been keeping.

    This time, I’m not letting her go.