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  • Heart Strings


    A woman drowning in sorrow. Invisible.  

    A man that notices it all. Sees her. 

    The only thing that gets Charlotte Prescott through the day is the haunting eyes and magnetic voice uplifting her in the subway station every evening. 

    All Montgomery Logan wants to do is ease the pain of the woman he feels a strange, protective pull to. He serenades her from afar, knowing their worlds will never intersect.

    Until the day they do. 

    And everything changes. 

    Will their differences make them stronger or tear them apart?

  • Limited edition hardback the image of you

    The Image Of You Limited Edition Hardback


    From NYT best-selling author Melanie Moreland comes an epic love story of loss and redemption.

    I realized in that one moment something was terribly wrong.

    “I apologize,” she spoke, sounding formal.

    “You have me at a disadvantage.”

    Her hand rose in greeting. “I’m Alexandra Robbins…and you are?”

    I stared at her hand and then her beautiful face.

    The woman I had loved passionately—desperately—and still loved to this day.

    My former fiancée…who was looking at me with no recognition.

    As if I were a stranger to her.

    And then it hit me as I took in the emptiness in her eyes.

    I was.

    I’d spent so much time trying to find my way back to her, only to have her not remember me.

    One thing was for sure—I would spend my last breath trying to remind her who I was, who we were, and who we would eventually be again.

    All I needed was the chance to show her.

    (Formerly published as My Image of You, 2017)

  • The Addendum – Book 4


    You can change your future but you can’t escape your past.


    Life is good for Richard VanRyan.

    His family is growing. His life is rich. He has everything he could desire, and he is blessed with all he never knew he needed.

    Until the day his past shows up and tosses a grenade into his future.

    What happens when the man you used to be casts a shadow over the man you are today?

    Can the two worlds merge in peace, or will one cause the other to splinter?

    Can forgiveness be earned or does it come with too high a price?