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  • Revved To The Maxx – Book 1


    Maxx Reynolds needs help.

    His shop, house, and life are all in a state of disarray.

    In desperation, he turns to the internet to hire a new employee, thinking it will make his life easier.

    What he expects is a fellow named Charly.

    What he gets is a quirky, sassy, red-head name Charlynn who runs circles around him.

    And she’s all woman.

    He can’t stand her.

    He can’t keep his hands off her either.

  • Breaking the Speed Limit – Book 2


    Single, but unsettled, Stefano Borelli, spends his days creating masterpieces loved by his clients. Surrounded by family and friends, his loneliness still plagues him.

    Until she bursts into his life. A stubborn woman with too much baggage, too much to say, and a child in tow.

    Far too much trouble.

    Except, he likes her spark. The way she refuses to listen. How beautiful she is with her son. How right she feels in his arms.

    The way she makes him feel whole.

    Can he convince her to give love a second chance?

  • Shifting Gears – Book 3


    Brett – The quiet loner. Content with life in his small town and a job he loves—except for the one thorn in his side.

    Kelly—the world traveler that pops in and out of his life, taking a small piece of his heart with him every time.

    Until the day she comes back, broken and adrift.

    Can he show her there is more to life than bright lights and endless wandering?

    Could his heart be enough to finally tame the restless need to run?

    Or will she break his heart all over again and leave.

  • Loved by Liam – Book 3


    Liam Callaghan is happy with the way things are.

    He has a successful business, a family he loves, and a life he thinks is fulfilling and complete.

    Until a favor for his brother brings him to her.

    She sparks something inside him. Something he had no idea he was missing.

    One touch and he knows Paige Winters is the woman he wants.

    She and her daughter become his focus. His world.

    He only has to convince her to believe in them.

    Liam entered Paige’s life quietly, but from the moment he took her hand, her world exploded.

    Larger-than-life, he stepped in, brightening her days and filling her with happiness.

    But she has more than her own heart on the line.

    Her daughter, Lucy, has to come first.

    As much as her soul yearns for him, can she trust his words?

    Can the seeds love plants take root and bloom, growing over the past?

    If Liam has anything to do with it, they will.

  • Age of Ava – Book 4


    Ava Callaghan

    A woman working in a male-dominated field. 

    Organized, strong, and tenacious. 

    That’s how she has to be to succeed. 


    Hunter Owens

    A loner. 

    He needs no one, has no ties, and his future is an unanswered question mark.

    It’s all he knows. 

    Until the day their lives intersect. 

    He sees the woman she hides from the world.

    She nurtures the part of him he lost long ago. 

    But they both agree—their connection is temporary. 

    They are only for now.

    Can their stubborn natures allow them to bend and accept that maybe, just maybe, there is more to life than they believed?

    That love can heal. 

    That happiness can exist. 

    That for now can be forever.

  • Sunshine & Sammy – Book 5


    Luke Adler lives for his ranch. It’s the only reason he agreed to get on board with his sister’s grand plan for guests staying on the property.

    Nothing prepares him for the force of nature that is Samantha Morrison. When she arrives on his ranch to help construct this new part of his business, what he expects and what he gets are two entirely different things.

    He expects a no-nonsense businessman. Straightforward and simple.

    What he gets is a sunshine smile, sweet sass, and a woman who pushes every button and boundary he has.

    He tries to ignore the draw, the urges she makes him feel. But when she gets close, he only wants her closer.

    She makes him question his decisions, his thoughts, and the idea that being alone is best for him.

    Even when they are consumed by the fire between them, he knows they come from two different worlds and he has to let her go.

    But when the time comes, can he do that?

    Can he live without her sunshine to warm his cold heart?

    Or can this cowboy learn a new trick?

    Author’s Note: Heat and heart fills the pages as our heroine learns to ride a horse and tame a grumpy cowboy in rural Alberta.

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    Van – Book 5

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    Vince Morrison, known to most people as Van.

    Good with his hands, be it crafting a piece of wood, playing his guitar, or pleasing a lover—he excels at them all.

    Friendly, flirty, and talented, he’s cool under pressure, and hot everywhere else.

    But he keeps his heart closed, even as his interest and emotions are tested.

    Olivia Rourke works alongside him at BAM.

    Talented, private, and intriguing, she touches something inside him he can’t deny.

    He wants to know her. In every possible way.

    He wants her to know him.

    Her past tells her to stay clear. Van is everything that she wants, and exactly what she cannot have. She has someone else to think of who is more important.

    Can either of them risk their hearts?