Do you love to talk about romance novels you are reading? Looking for a book recommendation for contemporary romance? Come join my Facebook Group – Melanie’s Minions.

Learn about what new books I am working on. I will give sneak peeks at early cover reveals, teasers, and excerpts. I invite my author friends to stop in Melanie’s Minions Facebook group with sharing their new releases and sales. Since service to others is my love language, I love to share recipes, and ideas for meals. My team hosts share memes, and games to keep you entertained while I am in my office dreaming up new happily ever afters.

We are building a community of romance readers who love to share what they love best about romance stories and have fun.

Facebook group with Elf

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  1. 💗💗
    I love being a part of your reader group. It’s so fun to be able to interact with my favorite authors.

  2. Love being part of the Minions. I do, I get super excited and even start telling my husband about them. Even though he can care less. But he still listens.

    1. I just posted this comment at 9:38 pm on Sunday Dec 4th EST and the time on the post says Dec 5 at 2:35am. I am confused about the time change.

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