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An unexpected Gift

An unplanned journey

A change of direction 

The meeting of two lost hearts

When Evan Brooks sets out to repair his fractured relationship with his family, a broken-down car and an unplanned detour lead him to Holly Cole. Her eyes captivate him. 

Her words comfort him.

Her heart warms him.

Is she the unexpected gift he’s longed for?

Is this just a detour, or the road to happiness?

Find out in this heartwarming Christmas story.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday

Tropes: Love at first sight, One Night Stand, Small Town, Snowed In

Review Quotes:

“This is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story about two people who realize that family is not biology but love.

– Gillek2, Amazon review

Sweet, steamy, Insta love story. Holly, a cat twin named Chester, and a heart-warming HEA. A wonderful holiday love story. Left me feeling all warm and happy.

– Book Boleyn

Cover Design: 

Karen Hulseman of Feed Your Dreams Designs

Cover Photography: 

Regina Wamba of Exclusive Book Stock

Format: EBook, Paperback
Publisher Info: Moreland Books Inc.
Publication Date: December 3, 2018

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Melanie Moreland