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iBook Giveaways

Have you got Aiden on your eReader yet?
Hey I know where there are ALOT of copies of Aiden up for grabs this week:

Panda & Boodle: http://bit.ly/2kaf12U
Sheila’s Book Corner: http://bit.ly/2ItA9Q5
Loving Hot Books: http://bit.ly/2Isw66t
Audio Loves: http://bit.ly/2rO4Kh1
Marieke’s Books: http://bit.ly/2rV0paW
MammieBabbie: http://bit.ly/2Iyy0P8
MI Bookshelf: http://bit.ly/2IOUa2T
Mom’s Secret Book Blog: http://bit.ly/2k6ze9M
Kari’s Book Reviews and Revelations: http://bit.ly/2Is10fv
4TLOReading: http://bit.ly/2rTWCvn
Beyond Books: http://bit.ly/2rSXQHd

Giveaway is for iBooks versions only.
Cannot be exchanged for other formats.
Facebook is not responsible for this giveaway.
All winners must redeem their gift code within 2 weeks of award.

Codes cannot be recreated or duplicated.

2 thoughts on “iBook Giveaways”

  1. Funny thing… as I looked for your site I composed, in my head, my words. Here they are…
    “I found you… and I am so glad I did.” It began with the contract and the short follow-up. I sincerely hope you take that series a bit further. Kinda like a lifetime worth. A bit like “the mcgreger” series. Each person’s life path and that of their children. This has a lot more life in it yet.
    Enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you!


    1. I am so glad you loved Richard and Katy’s story. The couple does make an appearance in my new series, Vested Interest, with his first appearance in Maddox. This crossover seems to be working for look into their lives and continues into Reid’s book which release date is Sept. 17th.


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