Random Thoughts

Do you read and review?

Let’s start with the lead: Click on this google form to join – Melanie Moreland Review Team.

Review Teams are not new. They have come in various forms – street teams, blogger lists, etc.  They may be single or multi author, sponsored by promotional teams, and so on. However with the ever increasing marketplace, it’s hard to not to have your message that ARC is available lost in a sea of information. This is one reason I decided to form a review team among a few others.

  • Book lovers who are already familiar with my writing style can help me strengthen the stories.
  • Open to readers and bloggers for diversity of reviews and reading preferences give credibility to the team and great feedback.
  • Readers and bloggers don’t have to look for a new promotional post, sign up or check emails if they wish to read for early review.
  • Control of ARCs to limit sharing and piracy is reduced.

The sales pitch completed, so have you signed up? This is where I end on the particulars. I have given the task of forming and leading the team to my energetic PA, Karen.

Thank you for considering joining the team and hope to see you there! xx