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The Contract on Sale for Cyber Monday

If you’ve been waiting to #1click The Contract, now is the time! Amazon.com is offering for today only for Kindle Daily Deal for $1.20. If you’ve been waiting to read yourself, need a gift for a friend or giveaway for your reader group, purchase today before price goes back to $3.99 tomorrow.

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“It’s been quite some time since I’ve wanted to junk-punch someone as much as I did Richard VanRyan…

Of course, the flip side of that is that I wanted to kiss him. Hug him. Oh, and maybe slap him around a little. (I don’t mean that as kinky as it sounds, swear.)

Which means, of course, that Melanie Moreland has done her job. And what a damn good job it was. ” – Beth C on GoodReads

“The Contract was funny, infuriating, heartbreaking, and soul warming. How can one story bring out so many emotions you ask? Lemme tell ya: MELANIE MORELAND IS A GENIUS, GUYS!” – Minor Details Blog

“In the Contemporary Romance genre, there is often a lot left to be desired. Clichés, incessantly repeated phrases and motifs, and cheesy dialogue are just a few of the reasons an avid reader such as myself will put down a book without finishing. This Momma of two young boys doesn’t have much time for herself and she won’t be wasting precious reading time on those things. Lucky for me, there is Melanie Moreland. Honest dialogue, strong emotional moments, and compelling characters drive this story.” – Amazon Verified Purchase Review