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Foster An Author 3 Event

First and foremost, I must give a HUGE thank you to Jo and Isa at Jo&IsaloveBooks along with Natasha at Read.Review.Repeat.  Without their time in matching up blogs to authors, this would never happen. Please go follow their blog and give a thank you for introducing all of us to new bloggers and authors.

JoandIsaLoveBooks Facebook Page
JoandIsaLoveBooks Blog
Read.Review.Repeat Facebook Page
Read.Review.Repeat Blog

You don’t know how much I appreciate the book bloggers. As I have confessed, I am a naturally shy person. So putting myself out there to ask people to read my stories is really very hard. I feel awkward. I hesitate a lot. As you know, this website would not exist if it wasn’t for my dynamo friend, Karen. With participating in this event, I get to meet new bloggers and help those who generously help all authors in return.

So who did I get matched up with this year?
The lovely bloggers at Island Lovelies Book Blog!

Please stop by to say hello and THANK YOU for their time throughout the week.

Island Lovelies Book Blog Facebook Page
They have had their book blog since 2013 and feature lots of information for many different authors. You may find a ‘new to you’ author through their blog posts. Please give them a follow for me.






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