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Coming Soon…I’m Ready? I’m Ready!

Today is the day that is a big teaser launch for my first Loveswept publication. Just like with all of my other novels, the time leading up to release can be lots of work behind the scenes. I mean am I ever really ready? I think so.

teaser8-cover copy

I have a fabulous team that I will be forever grateful in their support. Sue Grimshaw, my Loveswept editor, is a godsend. She had to be the world’s most patient human being while we polished and shined Adam and Ally’s story.  Then there is Jessica with InkslingerPR. She handles so much for me, all that is left to do is enjoy this time.  I just need to check my calendar and show up to events we have scheduled. Next, I couldn’t do this without all the bloggers sharing the teasers and telling their followers about My Image of You.  I am blessed to be a part of a fabulous supportive community. Which lastly comes my lovely Minions in my reader group. We are small but their excitement becomes my joy.

teaser9-cover copy

There you have a bit more of Adam and Ally.  If you’d like to know more, check out My Image of You under the ‘Books’ heading.  Until September 19th…

teaser13-cover2 copy


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